It's time for commission-free, conflict-free insurance.

Altus Partners is the only insurance firm that provides commission-free personal insurance. That means we can focus on helping you and your family manage your exposure to risk without conflicts or hidden agendas.

By Ending Commissions, We Can Build Insurance Objectively & Collaboratively

The commissions paid to brokers by insurance carriers are so pervasive they've become a mysterious and often hidden cost of doing business. But they create glaring conflicts of interest. At your expense.

Altus Partners doesn't pay employees a percentage of your premiums, which means everyone at Altus is 100% focused on you and your needs.

You Need Advice and Service, Not a Sales Pitch

Traditional commission-driven brokers get paid when they make a sale, and the more they sell, the more they get paid. Any time spent outside the sale eats into their bottom line.

At Altus Partners, our singular priority rests in ensuring you carry the most appropriate, cost-effective insurance and risk management program tailored to you and your family. Pitching or upselling? Not at Altus.

Real People. Providing Real Service. In Real Time.

We appreciate many of the ways the insurance business has turned to technology. But we also think the widening use of technology can make the world of insurance isolating and uncertain — especially when technology, veiled as a customer-focused innovation, is used just to cut costs and increase profits. At Altus Partners, you'll never be stuck in a call center or self-serve online portal when what you really need is a person. While traditional brokers view their work as done once you buy, our commitment to you is only just beginning at the moment you become a client.

The Power of Objectivity

Without the conflicts of commissions, we're able to give you fair, well-crafted insurance programs that respect your integrity and intelligence.

It's a simple, just idea. We call it the Power of Objectivity.

It's time to help you and your family with an objective viewpoint that is commission-free and conflict-free. Contact us today, and let's talk.